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Wellness Designed
  With Brides
    in Mind. 




TEM Bride is an innovative wedding wellness app specifically designed for brides that focuses on physical and mental wellbeing. It is all about you. The traditional wedding logistics of dates, venues, invitations, guest lists, etc., are the expected planning tasks. What about the physical and emotional preparation? Wedding wellness takes into account all of the intangibles that go into a bride feeling their best as they walk down the aisle. Are you mentally clear and prepared to handle the emotional stress? Are you physically fit and confident wearing the dress you picked? Are you eating enough leading up to the wedding? What about the day of the wedding? There is a lot more to a wedding than planning. There is preparation. Wedding wellness is the physical and emotional preparation for your big day.


Every function within the app is designed to prepare the bride and bridal party for the wedding day. At its core, it serves as an accountability tool to make sure that you have a plan, complete that plan, and are aware of the interconnectivity of each category and round leading to the "I do's". The content is curated by experienced professionals and specialists focused on the emotional and physical needs of a bride. The bride will create an account and invite her bridal party to join. Based on time-to-wedding, the content will fill the calendars and rounds of each member, creating a roadmap of wedding wellness preparation. Additionally, each member can create events, start chats, share photos, and much more - making TEM Bride the one-stop-shop for the total wedding preparation experience.



We'll treat you well with the TEM Bride App. It provides you with exclusive access to our tools that help you achieve your wedding health goals. You can follow your bridal team's progress, schedule reminders, manage those wedding nerves, and even get fit and stay fit by working with our top trainers and therapy professionals.